Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Why do My Ellipses look like Doughnuts? Plus 25 Solutions to Other Still Life Painting Peeves

Check out my new book offering solutions for still life painting in oils. It is available on Kindle and now as a Pocket sized edition as well as a large edition.

Book on Painting Still Life

There is lots of advice inside to help with any issue with painting (and drawing) a still life, including overcoming childish style of painting, the Golden Section, drawing ellipses, drawing foreshortenings, composing a still life, lighting a still life, how to paint textures, how to draw perspectives, how to paint light from life, and how to make a rendering of objects appear as though they could be plucked from the canvas.

Still Life Painting Tips

In total, there are 26 chapters in this book including a demonstration on painting strawberries in the back and a glossary. Various art techniques are explored within, such as alla prima, oil painting glazing, scumbling, working impasto and working in detail. Common issues are tackled in depth, such as drawing foreshortenings, or objects with extensions head-on, which might be teapot spouts or handles.

Other common problems, are ellipses, which are often rendered with corners or assymetrically. A section on painting objects with angles, such as boxes or biscuit tins tackles common problems with vanishing points and angles that do not converge correctly. Painting rust or aged material can often result in material that looks too new. Painting reflections on glass is also a common issue. Suggested art techniques for painting other textures such as fruit, china and metal are also explored in depth. See Youtube clipbelow for a preview.

The Secret of Great Still Life Art

Book on Painting Still Life (Rachel Shirley)
The screenshot on the right also gives some idea of how the interior of this large edition version looks. As can be seen, each page is crammed with colourful images and bitesized pieces of information.

Learn how light and shadow are the secret to convincing still life, which can be achieved by good light.

A section on painting out of doors, such as in the garden is also provided. Indeed, painting from life presents its own set of challenges, not least in capturing the changing light into paint. Painting from life is possible with certain strategies, given in this book.

Reflected light will suggest form and texture. Reflected light is light bouncing back onto the dark side of an object from a bright surface and is often overlooked in preference to simply light and shadow, but reflected light can make the difference between an average still life and a great one.

Problems with Childish Looking Still Life Art

The beginner might be deterred by a still life painting that looks childish or naïve. Common problems are a still life that leans to one side, not placed centrally on the page or has objects that appears out of proportion to one another. In regards to colour, the tones might appear too washed out, garish or flat. Down to earth and direct advice for the beginner is given to help overcome all these problems, via suggested painting and drawing exercises.

Recommended Book for Painting

Everything the still life artist needs to know can be found within this book, from the art materials needed to the best techniques for various effects. Overcoming common problems with still life painting is the key to moving forward and discovering a new passion for painting.

Now available as a large edition hardback measuring 10x8in and 72 pages long. The smaller edition is 8.5x5.5in and is 152 pages long. Kindle edition is also available.

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