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Kindle Picture Book for Children: Katie’s Magic Teapot Omnibus Edition

My kindle ebook for children up to the age of 8 contains 76 pages of detailed illustrations completed in oils. This picture kindle book is in fact a combination of 2 stories: Katie’s Magic Teapot & the Cosmic Pandas and Katie & the Cosmic Pandas’ Deep Sea Voyage. I have made this omnibus edition cheaper than the two stories purchased individually.

Which Picture Book on Kindle for Kids

Katie’s Magic Teapot Omnibus Edition is a highly-illustrated educational book that informs on the cosmos and the oceans. A young girl, Katie, in her magic flying teapot meets her friends, the cosmic pandas along the way. In the first story, she learns about the galaxies, comets, nebulae and our own solar system. But the question poses itself, what does cosmic dust have to do with rainbows?

The second story follows Katie as she journeys beneath the oceans within her magic teapot and with her panda friends. On the way, she encounters a host of strange creatures, including a manta ray, dolphins, a whale, a turtle, penguins and reef creatures. But will she find any treasure to bring back to her mummy and daddy? Incidentally, my other picture story book Ben's Little Big Adventure might be ideal for young boys.

Preview into Katie's Teapot Picture Book

Katie's Magic Teapot Picture Book
Rachel Shirley
The image above shows a preview of the pages within the print version and and Kindle version of my book. The opening paragraph to the first story is:

"Katie loved her mummy’s teapot. Her mummy told Katie that it was older than Gran and Gran was very old – and yet the painted flowers had hardly faded at all. Katie thought this odd, but then, there was something very odd about Mummy’s teapot."

The opening paragraph to the second story is:

"Katie has a secret. Mummy’s teapot is no ordinary teapot. Not only has its spout poured rivers of tea, the teapot can also fly.
   One day, Katie took the teapot with her to the seaside. Shells and teapots were alike, she noticed. Both were hollow and made a ‘chink’ sound when you tapped them. If you held a shell to your ear, a hushing sound like the sea could be heard."

There are plenty of colour illustrations on each page to provide visual stimulation for kids to read on any ereader as they learn about our universe and our oceans. With 70 pages within the main story part of the ebook, there is plenty to keep kids occupied as they follow Katie’s journey into space and beneath the waves.

Katie’s Magic Teapot Omnibus Ebook

This fabulous picture kindle book has 70 pages within the main stories. Each story comprises approximately 1000 words and each page contains colour images in high detail. Thirty-six large oil paintings have been completed for the book, of which most contain such detail, some close ups are necessary so that young readers may view various portions of the paintings on some of the pages.

Picture Kindle Book for Girls

You can view a sample of this children’s picture book adventure on the image above, or on Amazon. Compared with other picture kindle books, Katie’s Magic Teapot Omnibus Edition is competitively priced. The stories can be purchased separately or the print version is available on Createspace.

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