Tuesday, 24 September 2013

New Large Edition Art Books by Rachel Shirley

Large art books on oil painting by Rachel Shirley are now available on Amazon. Existing titles such as Why do My Clouds Look Like Cotton Wool? and Portrait Painting in Oil: 10 Step by Step Guides… can now be found in large book format, measuring 10x8in. Because the page count is smaller than the older editions, these new art books can be purchased more cheaply despite their larger dimensions.

Art Books in Large Format

Having published art books on oil painting for some years now, have come to learn the art of formatting books that possess complex elements such as images, text, graphics and tables.

This means a new range of larger art books have been produced to meet demand. The old, smaller editions (measuring 5.5inx8.5in) are still available but have been revised. I have added the wording ‘pocket sized edition’ to the covers to differentiate these from their new larger counterparts. My large editions all measure a generous 10x8in. And all my art books have new cover designs. See screenshot to get an idea of how the interior of these large instructional books look.

Sample from Rachel Shirley's Books on Oil Painting

New Range of Art Books on Oil Painting Techniques

I have also created hard copy versions of titles previously only available on Kindle, meaning those who prefer to absorb art instruction in book form are now able to do so with all my titles.

Large Art Books on Oil Painting

Converting small to large edition has been a momentous task and has taken some months to complete, but feel the effort has been worth it, as these larger books offer a wider choice for those who prefer to absorb information presented on large pages with larger images. However, the smaller editions might come in useful for those who prefer the convenience of this smaller size to carry around.

Art books that are available in pocket sized, large edition (and incidentally Kindle) are:

Why do My Clouds Look Like Cotton Wool?
Why do My Ellispes Look Like Doughnuts?
Why do My Skin Tones Look Lifeless?
The Ultimate Oil Painting Solution for Landscape Art, Portraiture and Still Life (previously only available on Kindle)
Skin Tones in Oil: 10 Step by Step Guides from Old Masters
Portrait Painting in Oil: 10 Step by Step Guides from Old Masters
Oil Painting the Mona Lisa in Sfumato: a Portrait Painting Challenge in 48 Steps (previously only available on Kindle).
Landscape Painting in Oil: 20 Step by Step Guides
The Artist’s Garden in Oil: 28 Step by Step Guides

Sample of Oil Painting Demo Book
by Rachel Shirley

Oil Painting Guide Books

As can be seen from the screenshots, there are a lot of images and bite-sized information presented on each page providing a visual feast and a more absorb-able read. A wide choice of art books has been converted. Subject matter such as still life art, portraiture and landscape painting are explored regarding overcoming ‘peeves’ that might present themselves to the artist, step by step demos or a guide to art materials and techniques.

Photos of the paintings in progress are also larger and detail clearer. Each page visually informs and offers lots of advice for the developing artist. Look out for these new large art books in the coming months.

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